The purpose of Chinmaya Mission is to provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of vedanta and practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors of society

CEEP - Pre-School



This unique program was initiated  under the guidance of the visionary head of CMLA, Swami Ishwaranandaji in the year 2011. CEEP caters to the age group of 2-5 years. 

Foundations of CEEP:

1. Overall Goals

We believe that each child is different and  has immense potential. To achieve this, students build up knowledge through hands on activities that are both independent and collaborative. The children’s interests, inquisitiveness and their abilities help guide the curriculum. We integrate a social-emotional component into the lesson plans which allows children to take risks, make connections and explore their curiosity in personally meaningful ways through visual arts, music, dance and dramatic play. The highlight of this program is the parent involvement in classrooms.


In addition to the curriculum, the monthly theme aims to cover general education  topics through books and hands-on activities. Some of our popular monthly themes include the solar system, ocean life, dinosaurs, rainforest animals, the life cycles of plants and  more. 


2. Connecting with Our Culture

Daily opening and closing prayers, Weekly bhajans, listening to moral stories and celebration of Hindu festivals. 

3. Practical Life Skills

These lessons help children learn independence, concentration and coordination. They also help them adapt to their environment by taking care of self (washing hands, buttoning) and taking care of the surrounding (sweeping, pouring). 

4. Language skills

Opportunities to promote child’s ability to communicate and connect with others through listening, speaking, reading and writing. 


5. Early Math Concepts

Preschool  math helps children to make sense of the world around  them by teaching them to reason and problem solve. Children are provided with opportunities to explore mathematical concepts as they count, sort by color, shape and size, classify, measure, compare quantities, balance blocks, and find patterns. For example, as children build with blocks, they are introduced to the concepts of higher, lower, in front of, behind, larger, smaller, equal, horizontal, vertical, and parallel.


6. Science 

Children are given opportunities to explore and discover the world around  them. Activities and experiments are planned to nurture children’s ability to inquire, predict and evaluate observations. This helps increase descriptive vocabulary and to make sense of concepts such as weather, natural  habitats, and technology. 


7. Arts & Crafts

In addition to coloring, painting and play-dough, there is usually craftwork related to the monthly theme.



Chinmaya Rameshwaram, 14451 Franklin Avenue, Tustin CA 92780


Information about the Academic Year 2017-2018: 


CEEP will be following the IUSD Calendar.

TRIMESTER 1: August 24th, 2017 - December 22nd, 2017

TRIMESTER 2: January 8th, 2018 - March 30th, 2018

TRIMESTER 3: April 9th, 2018 - June 8th, 2018

Contact persons: 

Meena Mehta ( 949-439-9633

Saraswathy Balasubramanian ( 949-419-4673

Additional contact: Rekha Acharya (rekhaacharya12@gmail.com714-749-0998


Enrollment Options:

Suggested donation:

5 Days - Monday-Friday (9:00 AM – 12:00 AM)

First trimester: $1150      

Second Trimester: $900

Third Trimester: $750

3 Days:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday (9:00-12:00)

First trimester: $875

Second Trimester: $700

Third Trimester: $595    



* The program is open to children aged between two and five years (2 to 5 years).

* Dues to be paid at the beginning of each trimester and is non-refundable.

* CEEP dues to be paid for the 1st trimester at the time of registration.

* Registration fee of $40 per trimester.

* Volunteering is mandatory once a week (If unable to volunteer, then an extra $75 will be charged for every trimester.)





"My daughter started CEEP when she was just two year old. Since it was her first time away from home, I thought it will be a month before she would stay there alone without me. But within few days, she was comfortable and was enjoying all the activities. All the teachers, volunteers are very  attentive to individual child's needs. CEEP provides fun and family oriented learning environment. I am grateful that my child is a part of this program."  - Tejal Modi


"We really like the CEEP program. The program is awesome and my kid is getting all necessary ingredients to move to the next level.This program not only has preschool curriculum like other schools, but also teaches the kid about Indian culture, respecting elders, Hindu Dharma and the way to worship the GOD. It has nice ambiance with excellent teachers who always receives you with a smile. Kids really enjoy their School and always feels like it as a home.Teachers are always responsive and accessible anytime a question or concern came up. Finally, I recommend the parents to join the CEEP program to have a solid foundation on which he or she can build a successful academic career." - Vidya


"The volunteers who provide seva for this program are doing an excellent job. The program has done wonders for  the kids. They have learned a few very important lessons at the beginning of their life." - Silky

"I am very thankful to you for your complete dedication to start CEEP. I am very happy with this program and proud to say that  we had a great opportunity to began my son's education at Rameshwaram. We are  thankful to CEEP team." Jayshree Desai


"Of course, I like the CEEP program and I would like to enroll Vishwa for the next session. Vishwa likes to go to the preschool very much. I would like to enroll her for 3 days program." - Digisha.