The purpose of Chinmaya Mission is to provide to individuals, from any background, the wisdom of vedanta and practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors of society

CMLA General Donations

Chinmaya Mission Los Angeles always welcomes donations from its patrons on an on-going basis, which is much needed for the upkeep of its Rameshwaram facility and other activities of the mission.  To help them complete their donations in a secure and easy manner, Chinmaya Mission Los Angeles has provided its patrons several mechanisms for rendering their donations.


Option 1: You may click the following link to download, print and fill out the paper copy registration form and physically bring it with you to the mission.


CMLA Donor Credit Card Offline Authorization Form


Option 2: You may click the following link to make a general one-time donation using Paypal.


CMLA General One-Time Donation using Paypal

Option 3: You may click the following link to make a monthly recurring donation using Paypal.


CMLA Monthly Recurring Donation using Paypal