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DARKNESS TO LIGHT: Contemplative Talks by Swami Ishwarananda was released on July 31st, 2018 at Mahasamadhi Camp (MSC) 2018 in San Diego. The book is written by Swami Ishwarananda and compiled/edited by Nimmi Raghunathan.


Copies are currently available for purchase at Rameshwaram bookstore. If you would like the book to be shipped to a U.S. postal address, please click here to make a secure credit card/debit card payment by Paypal. The book will be mailed via USPS. Grab your copy while it lasts!  For any queries, please send email to with subject line ‘Query: Darkness To Light’.


The book is also available for purchase through Chinmaya Publications website.

Synopsis: Life is not by chance but shaped by challenges. Every challenge forces one to change; change is unavoidable. Change can also cause upheaval.


As a homemaker, professional, parent, student and a member of the community, how can we deal with the inevitable changes around and within oneself? How is peace to be found in the face of conflict and competition? How can we remain happy always? What can anchor us perennially in contentment?


A collection of bite-size, thought-provoking snippets of Vedantic philosophy, the book allows readers to flip open any page and learn about life’s purpose by using easily relatable examples from daily life.




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