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Don’t Limit Yourself


Two young fish were swimming along lazily. An older fish
passed by and called out, “Hey little ones, how is the water?”
One young fish responded, “All well!” When they had gone a
bit further, one turned to the other and asked, “What is water?”
This story by writer David Wallace is an analogy for how we
go about our lives. You and I, who consider ourselves as highly
evolved, are still like those fish! We exist in Consciousness and
we erroneously conclude that Consciousness is something we
possess or own!
Consciousness has no owner. It has no abode and no
An empty cup sits on your desk by the right elbow. Shift
it now to the left side. What has happened? The cup has moved in space.

Space has not moved with the cup. The cup moves in space
which is everywhere; in the cup, outside the cup, on the desk, on
the left, right, above and below. Like the cup in space, we move in
When I shake hands with you to introduce myself, I don’t
introduce you to only my right hand. I think of myself as the
entire body. Consciousness pervades the entire world; it is not
contained or limited. Before the walls in the room you are sitting
in were erected, there was vast empty space. Then with brick and
mortar it was conditioned into a home space. The empty space is
like the unconditioned Consciousness. But when we think of it as
being limited to our body, it registers in our mind as conditioned
A few years ago, I returned to the village I had spent my
school summer vacations in. I found many changes including a new
Krishna temple. As I worshiped there, I was struck by the beauty of
the deity. The priest told me it was sculpted by the person who was
my boyhood friend. I immediately went to his workshop and we had
a joyous reunion. When I told him that I felt overwhelmed looking
at Krishna in the temple, he replied, “You have seen Him before.”
Noticing my look of bafflement, he took me down memory lane. It
was the last day before I left the village to continue my education in
a distant city. We were walking and saying our goodbyes, when he

stopped before an uneven granite stone with tears in his eyes. “Look
at Him,” he told me. I did and turned to look at my friend again,
puzzled. “Don’t you see Him?” he urged. When I was silent, he said,
“You will see Him later.” Now, standing in the workshop, my friend
said, “I saw Krishna in that stone that day. All that I did was to
remove what was not Him.”
Our mind is like that granite rock – filled with unwanted desires
that lead to the mantra of Me, Myself and I. It needs to be whittled
away so the Lord within, as Pure Consciousness can be revealed.

– from Darkness To Light authored by Swami Ishwarananda

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