Activity Offerings

Hari Om All,


In today’s busy life with hours spent in traffic, stressful chores and racing deadlines, it is easy to let fitness slip off our priorities at the end of day. Before long, the complacency may catch up on our well-being in the form of health conditions related to sedentary and/or stressful lifestyles.


In an effort to promote fitness, CMLA plans to approach leading gym clubs in the area for negotiating a discounted group fitness plan rate for members. If you would like to avail the group plan rate, we need your participation in a small no-obligation survey. This will help us negotiate a plan that caters to common interests and also provide an estimated number of members interested.


Please click here and complete your submissions – one per person. Please do not combine submissions of entire family.



This survey is open only until 8:00 am on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019.


If a plan is successfully negotiated, we shall publish the details on website by mid-November, 2019.


If any member works for a leading gym club and can help in getting a volume discount, please contact us at


CMLA Administration

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