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Learn to Say ‘No’ to Habits

Learn to Say ‘No’ to Habits

To discover something new, you should quit something old. No habit creates new results. Habits are un-mindful acts. Unless you come out of these un-mindful acts, nothing new will happen to unfold yourself. Thoughout the day if your mind is pre-occupied mostly in un-mindful activities which you consider as your routine of life, you will surely achieve something – getting old!

You list out the habits which have not added anything productive to your life in the past 5 years. Bed tea, late-night movies, junk food on Saturday nights, subscription to magazines you never read, browsing the net, chatting on the phone regarding trivial matters, gossips, fruitless drawing-room discussions etc are few examples for your reference. Having listed them, strike them off your list with a firm No. Consciously discourage occasions which encourage these habits. Also do not hesitate to say NO to commitments you know you cannot fulfill. I have seen people who are in their late seventies still wanting to expand their business instead of expanding their awareness! Observe how unhealthy habits have created havoc in the life of people around you. Do not allow yourself to be victimized.


– adapted from the book ‘Silent Search’ written by Swami Ishwarananda



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