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Incomplete To Complete

Every one is searching for something to get, something to become other than what we have, what we are. From this limitation, we want freedom . When we have something, we want the next thing. When we achieve a state, we want the next level. The uneducated want education. The young want adulthood. The old want self-sufficiency.

We also want permanence – permanent home, permanent job, everlasting youth.

The permanence we seek has different names and Vedanta calls this unlimited, immortal complete; also known as Brahman, the Infinite.

The limited finite, mortal, incomplete seekers are called Jivas. The incomplete Jiva seeks its own Nature struggles to ‘Become’ that complete infinite Brahman. But it cannot because it already is Brahman!

How so? Like heated water cannot stay hot, It returns to its own cool nature; like in sleep, the mind to return to its essential nature. We want to be rid of limitations – sorrow, agitation as they are not our essential nature.

Yoga is the discovery that on merging with the Infinite – “waking up” this seemingly limited jiva to THAT Unlimited Brahman!

Swami Tejomayananda

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