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Love All

Love All

It is a universal truth: we want to be loved.
The plant in the yard thrives when you give it attention and does even better when you play music or talk to it. Your dog has a bond that both of you share and enjoy. And of course, there are the various relationships of love that you have with other human beings.

We give our love because we love ourselves. Ponder on this for a simple moment.

Do we love anything that makes us unhappy? We only eat the food that makes us happy; even an infant wants to be happy and will spit out what doesn’t suit its taste. We love ourselves so much we will only wear clothes that we think makes us look good. We love our child,
spouse, friends, because they make us happy. If they did not, would we love them? Or find them a nuisance? We love others for our own sake and; our love for ourselves is so strong, we won’t compromise on our happiness. Love is both a condition and conditional!
In this pursuit, we latch on to every shortcut to escape unhappiness. We readily swallow a pill and smile again but avoid eliminating the food item that is the cause of the problem. When we are sad, we search for other quick fixes – gossip, drugs and anything
else that will make us forget. We create our relationships with people and things and when they fail to deliver, we flit on to the next.

The funny thing is, happiness is in our hands, but we keep looking elsewhere. This is like looking for our car keys in every room of the house before slipping our hands into our pocket to find it there. The key of happiness is with us and we need to unlock the door
to the source. Once opened, the door to happiness can never be shut.

We are in love with the Self in us.

No one and no thing, can provide what this discovery of the Self can: permanent and unadulterated bliss! It is a state of irrevocable love! Unconditional! Everlastingly real! This love brings about another awareness – the source of my well-being, the Lord, is present not just in me but in every single living being. When I love Him in me, then I have to love Him in you, the person across the world, the flora, the fauna… This love is not an exclusive love; I am in love with all.

It is the truth: Self-love is universal love not selfish love!

Even the most loving of relationships is conditional. While the child is growing up, it has needs met by the mother; when it gets independent, the mother feels the loss. For both, love has changed according to the new conditions.


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