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Swami Tapovan Maharaj of Uttarkasi is the master from whom Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda acquired the wealth of knowledge on Vedanta.
He taught Gurudev all the virtues enumerated in the Seventeenth Chapter of the Bhagavad Geeta constituting the three forms of tapas – physical, verbal and mental. He was a virakta mahatma, an embodiment of sanyasa, with supreme renunciation, rare saintliness, austerity, deep wisdom, divine dignity and compassion that is implied by such an ideal.
Swamiji, a poet, was inspired when witnessing the canvas of Nature’s beauty unrolling itself in the unfrequented peaks and valleys of the Himalayas. He reported his travels in two splendid volumes, “Wandering in the Himalayas” and “Kailasa Yatra.” Swamiji’s masterpiece is the bulky sanskrit volume called “Iswara Darshan.” This is an autobiographical sketch, a garland of spiritual thoughts in a Man-of-realization. He lived, for 68 years, as a monumental expression of an ideal Vedantic teacher in the ancient rishi tradition. On the 16th of January 1957, on the Full-Moon day, at 4:30 A.M., in the Brahmamuhurtha, Swamiji gained his Mahasamadhi.

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