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Practices for Everyday Peace

Practices for Everyday Peace

What can I do as a daily practice to always be at peace?


1. Do not consciously talk about your past to anybody: Do not refer to past unless the context demands it. Many of us have the habit of collecting pictures and pouring over the albums of yesteryears. To whose benefit is it to dwell in the past? When we consciously steer away from the past, we save a lot of time. It is not very difficult to consciously avoid talking about the past. By practice we can overcome this fruitless habit.


2. Do not compare yourself with your own past and suffer now: Gurudev often said, “Do not live in the past, but learn from it.” Living in the past will not give peace. Even a pleasant memory of the past can cause pain because it does not exist now. Mere comparison with our past is not going to make the present situation better. Objects do not cause agitation, our mind does… Great masters have said: “If we take care of the present, the future will take care of itself.” In other words, if I live the present moment in peace, future peace is guaranteed; but if in the present moment I am disturbed by the pressure of the past, the future will be as bleak as today.


3. Pay attention to the present moment: …In an emergency, our mind becomes responsive and alert as it gains the needed information and performed the needed action. Such an alert mind finds peace even in difficult situation, whereas a mind that constantly ponder over “should have been” or “could have been” scenarios, never finds peace. This is why people seek to escape from one place to another, one relationship to another, from one environment to another but never find that elusive peace. We keep making temporary external adjustments in our quest for peace but never find it. We end up looking at our life with regret over wasted opportunities.


– excerpted from the book ‘Pathways to Peace’ written by Swami Ishwarananda



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