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It was a sunny afternoon when I decided to go for my daily walk which I generally do in the evening. After few minutes, I started to sweat due to scorching sun. Incidentally, I carried my umbrella and it was a savior! Covering another block, I saw an old, frail lady walking toward the bus stop, suffering the hot sun. I rushed toward her and walked with her to the bus top, protecting her from the sizzling sun with my umbrella. She smiled and uttered a short sentence in French! Not understanding what she meant, I smiled and proceeded with my walk after leaving her at the bus stop. However I mentally noted down what she said: Même mon fils ne me fait pas ça

Months later, curious to know what she meant, I asked a friend of mine who lived in Canada. Upon knowing its meaning, I was overwhelmed with emotion: Even my son does not do this to me!  In this simple episode two things became clear: One: not knowing limits our experience and our response. Second: knowing, even after some time, changes the way we feel about the past experience. The past was karma and the present is purushartha. The effort that we put to know, changes our experience of the past as well as how we face the future. Gurudev constantly emphasised to us that we, as humans have the ability and the resposibility to practice purushartha. Only if we do, we really change and grow!


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