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Rare Revelations

Nourished by water is the earth,
Sustained by air is the fire,
In endless space, they flow and bide,
But space itself, where does it reside?
In intense meditation search the contemplative master did,
In mind’s stillness, no more was it hid:
In unconfined Consciousness does space inhabit,
In Consciousness reside all and in all resides Consciousness.
Present as fragrance of the earth and taste in the water,
As brilliance in the fire and vital energy in the air,
Seen and unseen, immanent and transcendent, the seed of all beings,
Expressing through all, present even in the absence of all.
Truth discovered, the master became IT-self,
Now he wanted others to know, knowing the joy himself.
No words can reveal IT, yet with sublime use of words – he did it!
No mind can cognize IT, yet with indicators and pointers – he did it!
The master challenged seeker and agnostic:
Come, its urgent, embrace IT! You can, you must!
Know IT well, here and now, roared he,
Knowing this, freedom and bliss, yours will be.
Spiritual freedom is for all he reckoned,
Race, faith, gender or age it mattered not, all were beckoned.
Blessed are those who heard his inspired call,
Nurtured and spurred they moved along.
The spiritual master walked this very earth,
Where you and I struggle, for freedom from birth.
He is gone now yet never is he gone,
Pure Consciousness is he, hidden as inner light,
Know him as the knower, cherish him as the beloved,
With minds resting at his holy feet, reveal himself he will.
Eternality will begin. Time will end.
Luminous Light will glow. Darkness will end.

– from Darkness To Light authored by Swami Ishwarananda

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