Activity Offerings

Spiritual Nurture

On approaching the Guru for first time in his life,
disciple implored, ‘teach me to go beyond death and grief’
Smiled the Guru, ‘if you qualify, surely you will know…
First go ahead, fetch water from the river below
with a bamboo basket that is filthy and dirty
and help me water the plants, really thirsty.’
Ran the disciple intending to make him happy…
to the river below the hill that is narrow and sloppy.
He filled the basket with water up to the brim
alas, it leaked all the way as he began to climb.
Reaching the Guru with the basket empty, no water.
‘Go back again’ said the Guru, ‘and do this time better’
Again and again he attempted with no success ever.
Frustrated and exhausted he gave up the endeavor
‘I came here to learn’ said he, ‘not to wear out in work’
Guru said, ‘you have just begun…to qualify, to learn, to be awake.
Dirty basket that is clean now, no water in it stays.
So clean your mind first by service then ask, as Gita says…
no guru can save a mind that remains restless
attached to the world that is empty and pith-less
in every action selflessly that is offered
from the ageless sins you will be delivered
neglect never the teaching of your loving teacher
with him alone you slowly gain the spiritual nurture
In the mind that is pure, knowledge stays for sure
inquire more to know that death has no cure
grief is not even brief for the wise who knows truth,
he is abode of peace, beyond knowledge is his path…’


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