Activity Offerings


CMLA pledges support to

Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) for

COPY – Community Outreach Program for Youth


Chinmaya Mission Los Angles is committed to help the underprivileged children who are unable to get school education, for want of basic necessities of life. CMLA is pleased to be already support SAUSD student families by providing school uniforms and shoes. Further, the CMLA Board has decided to make regular donations towards this cause from the contributions we receive through Bala Vihar® and Sevanjali –Annual Fundraiser. This also provides opportunity for the Bala Vihar® children and youth to directly help other children living in the community who need to be cared and looked after.



SAUSD had recently approached CMLA for helping in food supply for school families that are currently below the poverty line. CMLA had pledged support for a food drive for such families. The response from CMLA patrons was overwhelming. SAUSD has expressed gratitude and requested continued support.


We seek your participation and contributions in kind towards the cause. Food and other supply drives will be announced from time to time. Please stay cued in to the events section of the website. Thank you for your generosity!


For program details, contact:

Shila Patel

Saroj Patel

Lalita Iyer

Susheel Mantha

Rashmi Desai

Recent Event: We collected Food Items from our members for over 3 weeks and on November 17, 2019  youth volunteers assembled the boxes for the underprivileged children of Santa Ana School District.


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