Activity Offerings

The beautiful Rameshwaram facility is available for CMLA members to rent. The facility has a large-capacity assembly hall that is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and overhead projection facility*. The hall has a 350+ seating capacity and can also be used as clear floor area without chairs. The beautiful premium quality wooden stage is ideal for performance events and holding special ceremonies.


The facility also houses a two-story dining area with a seating capacity of 300+ people and is also equipped with a kitchen. The upper dining area is equipped with wall-mounted flat-screen television, sound system and overhead projection* capabilities. Restrooms are equipped with modern fittings and shower facilities. Women’s restroom has a bridal dressing area, ideal for getting ready before special events like weddings and performances.


The facility space is ideal to hold weddings, pre-wedding festivities, arangetrams and recitals, special events like upanayanam and birthdays, art exhibitions, corporate workshops and meetings, satsangs with Swami Ishwarananda and Mahadevanji, and more. For details about the facility and date availability, contact Dr. Iyer at / 714-615-5770.

*subject to availability of Audio/Visual personnel


350+ seating

Wooden performance stage

Excellent acoustic

Front projection facility


300+ seating

Equipped with food heating and serving counter

TV, Audio system & Projection facility

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