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Learn to live serving all others around you at home and outside.

Let people start seeing in you an ideal to admire and accept.

-Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda

Following the State regulatory guidelines to combat COVID-19 outbreak, 

Chinmaya Rameshwaram is closed to public until further notice.


  • Bala Vihar®

    A weekly gathering of children aged 4 to 15 that takes place in Chinmaya Mission Centers or in private homes, under the supervision of trained teachers.

  • Messages from Swamins & Brahmacharins of CMW

    How to meet uncertainties during the Pandemic?

  • Journey Into Health

    Learn to heal your body and mind in this powerful 2-day online camp / interactive workshop conducted by Swami Swaroopanananda.

  • Swami Ishwarananda's Itinerary

    Where is Swamiji today?

  • Swamins reminisce time with Pujya Gurudev

    On the recent occasion of Pujya Gurudev's 104th jayanti, CM Swamins share memories of their interaction with the Master.

  • Setukari (Young Adults) Weekly Session

    Lively discussions with Swami Ishwarananda

  • Gayatri Mantra

    Swami Swaroopananda elaborates upon the power of the timeless prayer to Lord Sun.

  • Summer 2020 Bala Vihar® e-Camp

    CMW is organizing a national 9-week Bala Vihar e-Camp from Jun 15-Aug 15. Registration is now open.


    Online Guided Meditation By Swami Ishwarananda


03-06-2020 22:59:59

Kaivalya Upanishad by Mahadevanji

Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020


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Hamsa Geeta by Swami Ishwarananda

Saturday, Jun 13, 2020


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Hamsa Geeta by Swami Ishwarananda

Saturday, Jun 13, 2020


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  • WORSHIP THE GURU Swami Tejomayananda It is only in Hinduism that we revere the Guru. So great is the reverence that the place of the Guru is considered even higher than that of the Lord himself. This


  • (Keep your audio unmuted to listen to the audio track) Salutations to Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda In this session, we perform the mental worship (known as maanasa pooja) to Pujya Gurudev on the


  • There is no need to compete or prove yourself. If you are good at something, the world will bow to you. So just become the best at what you do!  

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