Activity Offerings

The Chinmaya Shruti Musical Choir (bhajan group), led by Mahadevanji, originated in 1997. It is dedicated to the encouragement of musical talent from CMLA’s Bala Vihar® and Youth. Presently in its 20th year, musical genres of Chinmaya Shruti range from Hindustani, Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam, to English spiritual. In addition to the vocal talent, accompaniments include tabla, mridangam, keyboard, guitar, and more. On the 50th anniversary (Suvarna Mahotsav) of Chinmaya Mission, Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda released the first recorded CD set (Nadamala I and II) of the Chinmaya Shruti group.

Music practice sessions are conducted on Sundays between Bala Vihar® sessions for 30-45 minutes at Chinmaya Rameshwaram. When special events are anticipated, additional Friday evening practices are scheduled. The group has a coordinator and assistant musical teachers. To address the needs of both beginner and advanced students the group is divided into two levels, each with its own coordinators and teachers.

For more details contact Mahadevanji at (562) 508-6498.

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