Activity Offerings

Sevanjali has been designed and organized by dedicated volunteer members of CMLA. This annual event is being held with the purpose of raising funds to support the myriad number of social, educational and cultural activities of the Mission around the U.S. and the world. A part of the proceeds are also earmarked for ongoing CM service projects in aid of the poor and marginalized. Closer home, your support over the past many years has allowed us to provide greater instructional services to children and adults across Southern California and encouraged us to initiate new projects and ideas. Your generosity will continue to inspire us to think forward and work toward meeting the needs of our growing membership.


Your support is our strength.

CMLA Board thanks you for your generous contributions that helped CMLA pay off all mortgage loans on Rameshwaram facility in 2017, for accommodating the ever increasing demand for Bala Vihar® classes in SoCal. 


Why we need your support

We continue to seek your invaluable support to expand our educational services to the community. Chinmaya Early Education Program (CEEP) for children between ages 2 and 4 that began in Jan 2011 is one among the many projects that are in pipeline in this direction. CMLA also envisions to enhance its support for learning of various art forms of India by youth in next few years. In addition to the Rameshwaram facility, 8 satellite centers are being supported by CMLA in an effort to reach out to maximum number of families who are eager to reinforce spiritual values in the young minds. Let us all create a dynamic future for today’s youth!

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