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Stotradhara is a self-paced program and competition that encourages children to memorize and correctly chant shlokas from our Stotradhara book. The shlokas are grouped into by difficulty. The shlokas along with page numbers from the Stotradhara book are listed below. Click on the shloka below for its audio rendering. Refer to the page number below for the transliteration.

Level 1
Opening Prayers --------(page-3)
Dainika Prarthana --------(page-6)
Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantrah --------(page-9)
Gayatri Mantrah --------(page-9)
Closing Prayers --------(page-10)
Chinmaya Arati --------(page-13)
Ganesh Stavah --------(page-21)
Shri GuruStotram --------(page-25)
Maha Lakshmi Ashtaka Stotram --------(page-43)
Janma Dina Gita --------(page-115)
Level 2
Om Jaya Jagadish Hare --------(page-11)
Sharada Stotram --------(page-39)
Dashavatara Stotram --------(page-57)
Shri Rama Stotram --------(page-71)
Shri Rama Stuti --------(page-73)
Krishnashtakam --------(page-89)
Shiva Panchakaskshara Stotram --------(page-99)
Lingastakam --------(page-105)
Nutana Varsha Gita --------(page-116)
Dikshantakale Gita --------(page-117)
Jaya Gurudevam Bhajan
Level 3
Vaidika Arati--------(page-14)
Shri Ramayanajiki Arati --------(page-16)
Shri Ganesha Pancharatnam --------(page-19)
Sankatanashana Ganesha Stotram --------(page-22)
Kratajnata --------(page-33)
Rama Raksha Stotram --------(page-69)
Hanuman Chalisa --------(page-77)
Madhurashtakam --------(page-91)
Shiva Shadakshara Stotram --------(page-101)
Bilvashtakam --------(page-103)
Dvadasha Jyotirlinga Smarana Stotram --------(page-109)
Level 4
Gurupaduka Stotram --------(page-28)
TapovanaShatakam --------(page-30)
Saraswati Stotram --------(page-41)
Ashtalakshmi Stotram --------(page-46)
Ganga Stotram --------(page-50)
MatruStavanam --------(page-53)
Hanuman Namaskarah --------(page-83)
Achyutashtakam --------(page-87)
Bhagavad Gita Dhyanam --------(page-93)
Shiva Manasa Puja --------(page-107)
Shiva Stuti --------(page-110)

The slokas in Extra Credit Level, along with page numbers form the Stotra Dhara book are listed below.

Shri Ganapati Arati --------(page-28)
Nama Ramayanam --------(page-30)
Prarthana Geetam --------(page-41)
ShishyaAnushasanam --------(page-46)
Shri Ramajiki Arati --------(page-50)
Every child who wishes to participate in Stotradhara must register online, at which time they will receive a presentation date and time. Children will be judged on memory, pronunciation, and presentation or overall effect. During the competition parents are not allowed to be present in the room. No exceptions.


For additional details, contact Gomathi Ravichandran at 562-404-0549.
Click here for a link to the registration form.
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