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padding-right:10pxThe President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is the premier volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition. CMLA has joined this federal program to celebrate and recognize the unknown number of volunteer hours and to encourage becoming a volunteer at an young age.


Thomas Jefferson once said,“Every human being feels pleasure in doing good to another.”  The United States government recognizes, celebrates and holds up as role models Americans making a positive impact as engaged and deeply committed volunteers. The Award enables community organizations –as Certifying and Leadership Organizations– to amplify their gratitude by joining with the President of the United States to thank their most dedicated volunteers. The U.S. government bestows this high honor award upon those deserving citizens and permanent residents who have achieved the required number of hours of service over a 12-month time period or cumulative hours over the course of a lifetime.


We are pleased to announce that Chinmaya Mission Los Angeles is now a part of this federal program. 


How to sign up for the program?

Volunteers can sign up and register with the PVSA program. Once registered you will have the ability to track your hours and service for the organizations with which you volunteer. It is fun to watch your hours grow towards each milestone award. You will be provided with a special record of service key that is associated with the organization (CMLA) with which you volunteer. The organization will be able to approve your hours and award you with a PVSA.



Required # of hours in a 12-month period:


Next steps for students who are interested to volunteer:

  1. Visit the following website to learn more & register at as a Volunteer.
  2. Email Vijay Mididaddi at to obtain the ROS key for CMLA to link their application with CMLA.
  3. Once registered, reach out to the volunteer leads or Rameshwaram frontdesk or Vijay Mididaddi at for volunteer opportunities.
  4. Begin volunteering (make sure your volunteer lead knows about your volunteering effort).
  5. Document your volunteer effort in the PVSA website.
  6. Make sure to have the volunteer lead of the event confirm the activity and hours volunteered via email to Vijay Mididaddi at
  7. At the end of the Bala Vihar® year, Vijay Mididaddi will certify the hours and will inform you of your qualification towards an award.


Please note that volunteer hours spent on CMLA events ONLY will count towards the PVSA award.


For more information, contact Vijay Mididaddi at

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