Activity Offerings

Kalanjali: Promotion of Culture


Kalanjali is the cultural arm of CMLA that supports and promotes the arts, music, and culture of India. Kalanjali was launched in 2012 under the initiative of Swami Ishwarananda with objectives that include to: 1) Promote art, culture, and music of India; 2) Collaborate and integrate local communities using Kalanjali; and 3) Encourage highly talented local artists and lesser known visiting artists to showcase art, music, and culture of India.


Since its inception, the program has taken a fast track approach to the above goals, organizing programs by prominent musicians, conducting music workshops, and introducing dance forms like Kathak, Odissi, and Kuchipudi to our audience. These high-quality programs not only engage our diverse communities, but also provide an opportunity to showcase highly talented young artists and other local artists.

Kalanjali welcomes local artists as guests and allows all children and students to attend programs at no cost. The program gives special attention to invite, encourage, and facilitate aging seniors to attend the events free of cost and give them preferred seating in the house.


Future activities include developing a web platform, engaging senior community members, and building a new platform under the Kalanjali banner to help promote highly-talented young artists. With the help of additional funding through donations, and through creative collaborations, Kalanjali will continue to diversify the genre of programs beyond music and dance.

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