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Freedom from Bondage


Pujya Guruji, in his lucid style, brought out how we get bound in this samsar and the ways to free ourselves from bondage. 

* We do think about a few aspects of life – but many times we do not know how to think and what to think. Vedanta teaches us to ask 3 pertinent questions.
1) Who am I?
2) Where have I come from?
3) What is the purpose of life?

* “Two days are important in a man’s life – the day he is born and the day he comes to realise why” – Mark Twain. Having born as humans, performing actions is inevitable. Actions will definitely give results. If these actions and their results are dedicated at the feet of the Lord, that will give us liberation.

* We campaign for Brahman but vote for Maya.

* There is no dearth of glamorous temptations in this world. In a fraction of a second, we get deluded. It is not surprising, for, Bhagwan’s wielding power of Maya is so overwhelming. Understanding this clearly and transacting in this world intelligently by including Him in all our actions paves the way, to Mukti. Bhagwan’s namasmaran (taking his name) is the simplest yet foolproof method that leads us to the path of liberation.



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