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Vedanta For All

Vedanta – Open to all!
Swami Chinmayananda

Every individual has the right to walk the spiritual path. It is not a monopoly of any caste, creed or community. The spiritual path can be walked by anyone who is sufficiently rich in the inner wealth of noble virtues. ⠀
Whoever has the urge and the thirst for it can freely come to the eternal spring of spiritual life to drink to his heart’s content. Self-realization is not an impossibility. To realize the Godhood that now lies dormant in each one of us is the heritage of mankind. ⠀
From the shells of our limitations we can, through a scientific process of self-purification, grow into a divine stature and dimension, wisdom and perfection.
Reaching this state of Perfection is the accomplishment of the goal. Any person who has the basic qualifications, that is, the mental instruments necessary and the powers of application required, can hasten nature’s slow process of evolution and reach this supreme goal. ⠀
Vedanta is not a philosophy that heartlessly keeps people out of its halls of Wisdom. It does not believe that there is any lost soul who will ever wander among the heathens, and he can be redeemed only if he enters the portals – the church of Vedanta. ⠀⠀
Tolerant to a fault, Vedanta declares the Truth and nothing but the Truth. The all pervading Divine manifests everywhere and, therefore, there is no sinner who cannot, through his endeavor, come to claim his own heritage of absolute perfection.⠀

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