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Truth Is A Fundamental Value

Truth is the very foundation of good life. Following principles of truthfulness makes us strong within. It gives us credibility and respect for others, an integrated personality , peace of mind, confidence and fearlessness. Truthfulness spreads goodness. which helps to integrate society. A truly honest person has the strength to make mighty powers bow before him or her.

To state facts as they are without exaggeration or hiding is to  be honest. Half-truths or exaggerated facts are also untruths. When facts reveal us in a negative light, deny us some material benefit, or lead us to discomfort, we generally resort to untruth.

When we lie, there is a “doer-knower split” within us. We know that what we speak is not right. This dichotomy between the truth and the lie causes agitation, tension, fear of discovery, more lies, low self-esteem, disintegrated personality, lack of confidence, negated will power, and so on. One who lies generally distrusts others as well – a sinner always suspects others of sinning. Also, when a person lies, he swears that he is speaking the truth.  Spoken truth should have the following characteristics:

1. Speak verified words. The words that we speak should be authentic, verified, and valid. In case we do not know the truth of a matter, we should say so. Our opinions should not be passed on as facts.

2. Speak sweet words. Sometimes the truth may be bitter and unpleasant. If, however, one has to speak or convey an unpleasant fact, it should be spoken sweetly, pleasantly, gently, and softly.

3. Speak for the well being of others. It is said, “The words of truth are good. But nobler still is to speak words in which lies the well-being of others. That alone is the Truth.” One should, however, not compromise one’s truthfulness for a selfish interest projected as the well-being of another. Well being should be understood as that which is the good of all.

4. Speak measured words. Speak only what needs to be spoken. A person who talks too much tends to exaggerate and sometimes lie.


– excerpted from ‘Truth: a fundamental value” written by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda
compiled in the Mananam series book ‘Truth’



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